Love Green Food

I am proudly vegetarian, and in our household (I live with my boyfriend and my mama!) we are constantly trying to eat healthily and keep a focus on Real Good Food. The cookbook “Love Green Food” by the appropriately named Larissa Green, a Cape Townian, has had us rethinking our food ways and salivating over the delicious and simple recipes. Her approach is to respect Mother Earth and keep things “Green”. Her result is deliciousness. Check out her website here


Fun, fresh feminism

So I had to write a blog analysis a while back. Turns out I fell in love with the blog. Anita Sarkeesian hosts a video blog where she has “conversations with pop culture”, discussing current pop culture in feminist terms. Really easy and interesting to watch!  Check her out under my blogroll, it’s called  “Feminist Frequency“.

Here’s one of her videos, slashing Kanye West’s “Monster” music video.

And here’s my blog analysis essay if you’re strangely interested…

 This essay is an analysis of a blog about a social issue. The social issue I will be dealing with is feminism. The blog in question is Feminist Frequency (, a videoblog by Anita Sarkeesian, which analyses depictions of gender in pop culture. I will look at various points, such as the relationship between the blogger and the social issue, the relationship between blogging and citizen journalism, choice of content, functionality, and target audience, in the process of analyzing this blog. More

A woman-loving definition of beauty:

“A woman-loving definition of beauty supplants desperation with play, narcissism with self-love, dismemberment with wholeness, absence with presence, stillness with animation. It admits radiance: light coming out of the face and the body, rather than a spotlight on the body, dimming the self. It is sexual, various, and surprising. We will be able to see it in others and not be frightened, and able at last to see it in ourselves.”

Naomi Wolf

How do women win over the Beauty Myth?

We do not need to change our bodies, we need to change the rules. So let’s stop blaming ourselves and stop running and stop apologising, and let’s start to please ourselves once and for all. The “beautiful” woman does not win under the myth; neither does anyone else. The woman who is subjected to the continual adulation of strangers does not win, nor does the woman who denies herself attention. The woman who wears a uniform does not win, nor does the woman with a designer outfit for every day of the year. You do not win by struggling to the top of a caste system, you win by refusing to be trapped within one at all. The woman wins who call herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.

A woman wins by giving herself and other women permission- to eat; to be sexual; to age; to wear overalls, a paste tiara, a Balenciaga gown, a second-hand opera cloak, or combat boots; to cover up or to practically go naked; to do whatever we choose in following- or ignoring- our own aesthetic. A woman wins when she feels that what each woman does with her own body- unforced, uncoerced- is her own business.

Naomi Wolf  “The Beauty Myth”

Music I Love- Guglielmo Re

He is my boyfriend, so I admit bias, but he’s also a seriously wonderful musician. Do yourself a favour and check out his latest video! 


Sage is amazing. It adds such a subtle yet amsolutely more-ish flavour to the simplest of dishes. I had a butter, mozzarella and sage pizza at Massimo’s Pizza Club, one of our favourite Italian restaurants, on Friday night. Massimo’s is located next to the Oakhurst farmstall on the road to Hout Bay and their focus is on authentic Italian pizza’s. Mmm. My boyfriend is Italian and he gives it two thumbs up! You can check them out on their updated, really polished website

Here is a REALLY simple sage and butter sauce recipe, for pasta or gnocchi. All you need to do is buy some good gnocchi or fresh egg pasta (you can find this at Woolies) and hope to find some sage. My recommendation- when you see fresh sage, buy lots and freeze it (this tip comes from Rebecca Tilders, a friend of my mom’s and a fabulous cook). It’s hard to come by, but Woolies does stock it sometimes.


quarter cup butter

2 tbsp chopped fresh sage

half tsp sea salt

quarter tsp black pepper 

Methid: Melt butter over medium low heat, then add remaining ingredients and pour over cooked gnocchi!

Bon Appetito!

The Beauty Myth

I absolutely LOVE Naomi Wolf’s book “The Beauty Myth”. I think it should be required reading for everybody, and especially for young women. I found it to be enlightening. Here are the first of some of my favourite passages.

“The beauty myth posited to women a false choice: Which shall I be, sexual or serious? We must reject that false and forced dilemma. Men’s sexuality is taken to be enhanced by their seriousness; to be at the same time a serious persona and a sexual being is to be fully human. Let’s turn on those who offer this devil’s bargain and refuse to believe that in choosing one aspect of the self we must thereby forfeit the other. In a world in which women have real choices, the choices we make about our appearances will be taken at last for what they really are: no big deal.” More

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